Welcome to my world. I am Nina Lazou, a luxurious independent companion with a deviant mind, a warm heart, and killer looks.

Raised next to the Aegean Sea and educated in elite UK universities, I masterfully fuse together the fiery passion of my Mediterranean origins with the refined elegance of a true cosmopolitan. With my avid curiosity for people, pleasure and knowledge, I excel in fields ranging from academia and art to fitness and of course…the erotic realm. While I am a professional escort, my rich life beyond allows me to bring a fresh element to my role as a companion and enjoy every bit of it. Speaker of four languages, Doctor of Philosophy and cinema connoisseur, I am much more than the stunning girl next door. Despite my fine education and manners, I simply love life too much to be lost in formalities. There’s nothing I enjoy more than deep discussions, creative mischief and a genuine laugh. Sometimes in combination.

My mesmerising eyes, cheeky smile and devilish derrière are coupled by a versatile personality and an acute interpersonal intuition that allows me to bring out your deepest desires. Graceful and dynamic, unconventional and compassionate, I move with confidence and ease through a wide gamut of environments and predilections, ranging from GFE and dinner dates to kink and domination. I am a multi-faceted individual that relishes diversity and sees different forms of interpersonal connection as complementary aspects of a truly fulfilling life. This is why I treat each encounter as a unique experience.

I stand at 5’7″ with an ideal 8 figure, and a bum to die for. I am blessed with velvet to touch skin and round breasts with pert nipples. Still, my most discerning feature is my face. My expressive big eyes and lustful smile with the cutest dimples are said to drive people crazy.

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